Music and Workout-Top 15 Songs That Make Me Give It All In

I am not going to say anything new in this post, but it is a fact. Music does improve your workout. On the psychological side, it simply distracts you form the pain. Numerous scientific studies proves that lyrics and tempo can affect performance by changing your mindset. They even put athletes to the test to prove it,

But, put all those scientific evidences on a side. Don’t you just feel like entering a different state of mind, your own world, the whole universe know only to you by putting your ear buds on and starting your playlist?

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Get Off Your Ass. NOW!!!


There is so many reasons as to why you should get up and workout. But the real truth is, you will do it for whatever reason you want. I have my own reasons and most of the time they are not the same reasons that my workout partner or other people have. But if you are having a low motivation day and not feeling like going to the gym, or you can’t really find that one reason to make you go, read list below . It might help…

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Best Fitness Motivation Tips for Beginners

What’s up Guys and Gals.

 So you have decided to join your local gym. You got out of the comfort zone,  your workout clothes is out of the closet, and you are ready to kick it. Hyped, you have that picture of yourself   in 6-8 months, working out out for a couple of days or weeks and then you just quit. One day you had to do something else and you didn’t make it, on a second day you didn’t feel like doing it, on a third day you just decided it is boring.  You don’t see any results… It is not for you… Your body hurts… . I know all of it, been there. Continue reading “Best Fitness Motivation Tips for Beginners”