Music and Workout-Top 15 Songs That Make Me Give It All In

I am not going to say anything new in this post, but it is a fact. Music does improve your workout. On the psychological side, it simply distracts you form the pain. Numerous scientific studies proves that lyrics and tempo can affect performance by changing your mindset. They even put athletes to the test to prove it,

But, put all those scientific evidences on a side. Don’t you just feel like entering a different state of mind, your own world, the whole universe know only to you by putting your ear buds on and starting your playlist?

Here is 5 reasons to why you should listen to music while working out:

  1. Music distracts you from your bodily awareness
  2. Music helps you keep the pace
  3. Music elevates your mood to another level
  4. Music gives you better focus on your workout
  5. Music is an excellent motivator


Music is an important part of my training. It makes me go harder, makes me push my limits, keeps me focused.

Good beat gives me pump for that one more rep.

Here is list of 15 tracks I must have on my I-Pod:

  1. Nightwish-Ever Dream
  2. Nightwish-Amaranth
  3. Martin Garrix-Animals
  4. Disturbed-Down With the Sickness
  5. Device-Haze
  6. Disturbed-Stricken
  7. Eminem-Till I Collapse
  8. Jakoban X Bulgang – Sin City Ft Wynn
  9. Outerspace – Written in Blood
  10. Five Finger Death Punch – Back For More
  11. Five Finger Death Punch – Jekyll and Hyde
  12. Disturbed – The Animal
  13. Xandria-Nightfall
  14. Eminem-Rap God
  15. Rammstein-Te Quiero Puta


Feel free to share what your favorite workout songs are.


Author: largetofit

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