Get Off Your Ass. NOW!!!


There is so many reasons as to why you should get up and workout. But the real truth is, you will do it for whatever reason you want. I have my own reasons and most of the time they are not the same reasons that my workout partner or other people have. But if you are having a low motivation day and not feeling like going to the gym, or you can’t really find that one reason to make you go, read list below . It might help…

  1. Exercise makes you feel happier.

The high you feel after a run in the park or a swim at the beach.  Exercise not only boosts your physical health–as one can easily see by watching a marathon or a boxing match–but it also improves mental health. Workout increases energy.

2. You feel energized

Your heart is pumping, your muscles are fool of blood, you feel you can lift the world with that energy

3. Body burn calories even after the workout.

Building your muscles through exercise means that you’ll be burning extra calories even while at rest. You’ll be able to eat more and maintain your ideal weight with ease.

4. Workout will make you feel more confident.

This comes by default. Looking good, feeling healty and having all that energy will definitely boost up your confidence,

5. Workout reduces stress.

Incorporate exercise in your daily routine and you will see difference

6. Workout makes you look good.

Should I say anything about this.

7. Workout slows down aging process.

You can’t go in reverse with this, but workout will help you build stronger muscles and improve your health to the point where you feel and look younger. Latest study shows  exercise activates the enzyme telomerase, which stabilizes telomeres, producing an anti-aging effect at the cellular level.

8. Reduces risk of illness.

It is proven exercise reduces risks and symptoms of more than 20 physical and mental conditions.

9. It is so much more than weight loss.

Losing weight is one of the most known benefits. It is everything we listed, everything we missed on the list and finally:

10. IT IS FUN!!!


Author: largetofit

The best project you will ever work on is YOU!!!

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