Kitchen Is More Important Than Gym! Or Not?

Here is one of the questions that always gave me a headache. If you think about dieting, it is a necessity for fat and weight loss as well as overall health. How about working out? It is essential as well. You will find numerous examples of 80% diet 20% workout ratio and many studies are saying dieting is way more important for weight loss than exercise. I totally agree, you can not out-exercise bad diet. But to minimize the importance of exercise in the equation is to completely ignore the fact that working out has the capacity to strengthen your heart and your immune system, increase bone density, ward diabetes, cancer and heart disease, increase your lung capacity, and more.

Dieting and Dieting with Exercise

Dieting without exercise is simply maintaining a very low caloric intake, which most of the time is unpleasant, and sometimes can be very unhealthy. It is strictly based on deprivation from food, with no improvement in strength, endurance or overall health. This type of dieting will show better number on the scale, no doubt, but how much muscle, how much good looking will be gone with that weight as well. There is no single muscle you can build just by dieting. And even if you reach you desired weight, you might not have the look nor the health you wished for. Your metabolism might slow down because body is used not to get that many sources of energy and will store whatever it can for later because it don’t know when and how much will it get next time. And what is stored energy? FAT. These types of dieting are mostly one time injection for quick fix and JOJO effect… well that is another story

On the other hand, dieting with exercise will improve all aspects of your life, starting with your weight, strength, health and overall look and ending with more happiness an joy. Exercise is fun. Believe me, it is. All you need to do is love it and in return it must give you what you want.  This is significantly better option that leads to body that is capable. You will burn calories faster, be and look stronger. Your metabolism will bust up burning everything you add to your body. And the best part is, you will not be hungry. Correct dieting with exercise requires you to eat 4-5-6 times a day. And you will burn in all off.

No, you can not out-exercise bad diet, but abs are made in the gym, not in the kitchen. From the kitchen you will take appropriate amount of caloric intake that will help right cardio and strength training to burn off that fat that is covering builder abs.

If you just want to lose weight, then yes, 80/20 it is. If you want to look good these two things are equally important.

Exercise, have fun. Do it for yourself.


Author: largetofit

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