Why am I doing it?

Hello All.
Have you ever looked yourself into a mirror and wished you do not look that big? Wished you can put on a favorite pair of jeans, that new shirt you got for birthday, or you have simply heard words from your child saying “…daddy you are so fat”.
I have. And it does not sound good.

I am a 35 years old, 6,3 FT 234 lb male, working as a contractor in Middle East. I used to be a skinny, tall, average looking dude from the neighborhood, always playing basketball and having fun. That is until I started working. Fast food, long working hours, not being able to keep up with workout and diet plans made me gain 60+ pounds in 2 years. I tried so many times to get back to my original weight but always failed. Why???

First off, lack of consistency, not having a strong will when it comes to diet and workout, and last, lack of motivation and support. Now don’t get me wrong, I know there is a lots of forums, blogs, web pages and videos related to fitness industry to help people that want to lose weight. And there is a lots of large people trying to get fit. But… they are all already FIT. There is no way they know how I feel. They are already there. I need someone who is walking in my shoes. Someone who knows exactly how it feels RIGHT NOW!!! Someone large who wants to become fit. Not some fit guy showing abdominal exercises, showing off his 6-pack while he is telling me ab workouts do not burn fat.

This is what I found frustrating. Well, not frustrating, but there is a big difference when you are looking at the shredded, fit guy or gal trying to tell you how you should stick to your diet, how to do your workout, cardio etc. What I had in mind by starting this blog is to give a different kind of support. The one that includes us, large people, over weighted people, people with weight issues. Why we wouldn’t give support to each other.

I want to share with you how I eat, how I workout, how I lose weight and what are my struggles. Hope lot’s of you find inspiration in my progress, when it happens, and hope you share your progress with me.

Let’s get from LargeToFit together.


Author: largetofit

The best project you will ever work on is YOU!!!

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